Seattle Snapdragons Bullwhip Enthusiasts

About the Snapdragons Enthusiasts Group

Founded in 2010, we are simply a group that is interested in sport whip cracking. Our coach, Restita DeJesus, put together the group because she thought it would be fun to practice with a group perioidically, rather than by herself all the time as she usually does. The group had its first meeting in January of 2011, and the group has been growing ever since.

Our members come from every walk of, adults, martial artists, Indiana Jones fans, Zorro fans, western memorabilia buffs, etc. We welcome anyone to try whipcracking with us in a friendly and "learn as you go" environment. 

We hold monthly practice sessions every 3rd Sunday of each month. Each session is two hours, and beginners are most certainly welcome! We have some whips for beginners to borrow, however we suggest that participants obtain their own whip(s) if they plan on continuing the sport. If you would like to learn the art of the bullwhip, please contact us via the "contact us" page to let us know you'll be attending a session.

Participants are required to wear proper protective gear as they learn: Eye protection (mandatory), long pants, closed toe shoes, and wide brimmed hat (to protect the head). Bare feet and shorts are NOT suggested and if you choose to wear such attire or choose not to wear eye protection, you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for any injuries sustained by not following the safety guidelines.

Each session is a "learn as you go" format. We usually work on the very basic cracks together as a group, then split up into groups or practice individually. Usually, due to space, we allow groups or individuals to take the practice floor space for a few minutes at a time, so that other participants may watch each other and learn. During the sessions, we focus on proper form, timing, smooth movements, whip and body awareness, and multiple crack combinations. We work on targeting, such as cutting paper, pushing empty water bottles off a stand, etc. We also study the martial arts applications of the whip, and how similar flexible objects (large hankerchief, rope, belt, etc) may be used in martial arts/self defense applications.

Our Coach, Restita DeJesus, has a YouTube channel that features tutorials on the basic whip cracks. (also slingshot shooting, blowgun, and other martial arts videos).   click here for Restita's YouTube channel

 If you would like to learn the art of the Bullwhip and reside in the Seattle or surrounding area, you are welcome to explore this art with us! Contact us to set up your one free private introductory lesson by Coach Restita! 


About our Head Coach, Restita DeJesus


Restita is the owner of Seattle Wushu Center, the martial arts studio where our whip practice sessions are held. She a lifetime martial artist, studying martial arts since she was 8 years old. Restita holds instructor certifications in Karate, Kajukenbo, Kyudo (Japanese archery), modern Wushu, Chen style Tai Chi, and Doce Pares Eskrima (Filipino martial art).

Restita was formally introduced to the bullwhip at a martial arts seminar in 1998, learning Shaolin bullwhip. She was intrigued by the use of the apparatus within martial movement and practiced daily with the whip, incorporating martial movement and theory in her practice. She befriended several whip makers and whip performing artists to learn about the function of the whip and get ideas for cracking combinations. She has since learned how to make whips and has incorporated that into her hobby.

Being a practitioner of Filipino martial arts (in which some styles incorporate the bullwhip into their curriculums), she began to study the use of the whip ("latiko") as a flexible weapon, using the drills and exercises of Doce Pares Eskrima as a base with which to explore the whip's use on its own, or coupled with a stick or knife. 

In 2010, Restita founded the "Snapdragons Whip Enthusiasts Group", a group of martial artists and bullwhip fans that meets every month for free lessons in the use of the bullwhip. She continues her daily practice of the whip, along with her other passions....the blowgun, archery, and slingshot. All this with a busy schedule of teaching martial arts!  

When Restita is not teaching martial arts or target sports, she enjoys reading, meditation, and motorcycling. She is the founder of the "Northwest Sport Blowgun Club", teaches target slingshot shooting, is a Reiki practitioner and ordained interfaith minister.

click here for Restita's YouTube channel, which carries video tutorials on basic whip cracks and patterns.

 Restita is available to teach workshops or private lessons for martial arts schools, theater or screen actors, live RPG groups, reenactment groups, and anyone else interested in the sport of whip cracking.  She contacted via our "contact us" page for more information on booking workshops. 


 About our Co-Founder, Lyn Yancha


What started as simply two friends cracking whips together, grew into the group we have today.....

Lyn is Restita's first whip artistry student, and her passion for the bullwhip shows at every practice she attends. She is eager to help newcomers with the basics of whip handling, and approaches each practice session with an equally eager mind for learning and self improvement. She also studies Chen style Tai Chi with Restita. 

Lyn is a licensed massage therapist and owner of "Century Massage and Bodywork", specializing in sports massage. She is Seattle Wushu Center's official massage therapist. In her spare time she enjoys sci-fi and motorcycling.


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